CoreParts Laptop Battery for Toshiba 71WH 9Cell Li-ion 10.8V 6.6Ah


COD DS1_MBXTO-BA0053 Categoria


CoreParts Laptop Battery for Toshiba 71WH 9Cell Li-ion 10.8V 6.6Ah

  • High Quality
  • Tested and certified
  • Matching Performance
  • Reliable with 12 month Warranty

Specifiche del prodotto


Battery capacity

71 Wh

Battery capacity

6600 mAh

Battery technology

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Battery voltage

10,8 V


Brand compatibility




Product colour






Other features

Number of batteries included

1 pz

Package dimensions

Depth (package,cm)

9 cm

Gross Weight (Package, kg)

0,55 kg

Height (package,cm)

5 cm

Width (package,cm)

25 cm

Product dimensions

Net Weight (Product, kg)

0,5 kg

Product Depth

4 cm

Product Height

13 cm

Product Width

7 cm

Vendor information

Brand Name



1 Anno(i)




M70-364, M70-339, M70-337, M70-296, M70-272, M70-271, M70-270, M70-269, M70-173, M50-244, M50-192, M100-206, A110-280, A110-276, A110-263, A110-262, A110-252, A110-240, A110-238, A110-233, A110-232, A110, A100-549, A100-195, A100-171


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